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影视氛围女声 Cinematique Instruments Interval Les Femmes KONTAKT

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Description: Interval Les Femmes isnÆt quite like anything else you've played.
It is Insa, Mel and Basia - 3 wonderful female artists who have exclusively performed for this lovely and intimate choir instrument. Strictly speaking Les Femmes is a choir instrument, just layer some unique voices and you will achieve a rich, intimate and bright choir.
But Interval Les Femmes is much more. Inspired by contemporary compositions Interval pursues a new approach into building sounds. It is hard to explain, but in the broadest sense, Interval Les Femmes lets you building unique voice harmonies, organic choir patches and inspiring vocal atmospheres.
You can do things with it you canÆt do with anything else.
Interval Les Femmes features two main issues: the kind and unique selection of sound sources (samples) and an unqiue instrument engine to create harmonies.
äLes femmesô- french translated äthe womenô is what it says and beyond. In order to achieve a fragile and intimate vocal or choir color we recorded the voices of three incredible artists, each one with different musical background such as jazz, pop and experimental.
Each voice was recorded in several articulations: regular intimate notes, chanting and breathing, and each articulations was recorded in several individual variations.
The result is astonishing. Along with the powerful and unique engine of interval stacking, you get a strong choir instrument which lets you easily create many different voice sounds and colors such as deep choirs, intimate background voices, modern pop patterns, unique voice harmonies or experimental mumbling. But the best way to use Les Femmes is to find out your own way to use this instrument.
For those who wants to get a quick overview of Interval Les Femmes, the instrument has a bunch of presets on boards with gives you a quick acces to the several possibilties of Les Femmes: soundscapes, short variations as used a lot in popular music these days, strong, intimate & intensive layer of voices in legato or experimental patterns.
äLes femmesô is a very special kind of choir instrument: small, big, intimate or fragile. You can play it pure or with the help of the Interval with a unqiue kind of harmonies. Finally, äLes femmesô is a perfect combination for your collection of Cinematique Instruments, such as Interval or the intimate piano.
The fundament of Interval are four separate sound slots which can be simultaneously played. Just click on the slot name to select one of the three voices and its variations to set up your favourite mix of sounds. Each sound can be used only once.
In order to shape the overall sound there are a lot of tools available: attack/ release time, increase/ decrease of the highs and lows, three delays with adjustable feedback, a reverb and and an LFO which works separately for the four sound slots.
After creating your sound, you can now spread the four sound slots separately to each interval step. Just click on the interval nodes to activate or deactivate the corresponding interval. Each interval step has also a separate volume control.
To understand how it works just change the interval (bold number in the centered field) and see what happens when you play a note. (more detailed described at the Engine View). Interval provides four intervals slots. You can access these different intervals by keyswitches (C0 û Eb0) or in chain-mode which skips through the intervals by each key stroke.
Interval Les Femmes are coming in two versions. Both containing all three fabulous vocalists in three intimate as well as fragile articulations. (long, chant, breath). One version provides a natural note length, the other is looped.
For FULL Kontakt version 4 and higher


描述:Interval Les Femmes并不像你玩过的任何其他东西。
它是Insa,Mel和Basia--三位出色的女艺术家,他们专门为这个可爱而亲密的合唱乐器表演。严格来说,Les Femmes是一个合唱乐器,只是层出一些独特的声音,你将获得一个丰富,亲密和明亮的合唱团。
但Interval Les Femmes更多。受当代作品的启发,Interval追求一种新的方法来构建声音。这很难解释,但从最广泛的意义上说,Interval Les Femmes可以让你构建独特的声音和声,有机合唱补丁和鼓舞人心的声音氛围。
Interval Les Femmes有两个主要问题:声源(样本)的种类和独特选择以及创造和声的独特乐器引擎。
结果令人惊讶。除了强大而独特的间隔堆叠引擎外,您还可以获得强大的合唱乐器,让您轻松创建许多不同的声音和颜色,如深度合唱,亲密的背景声音,现代流行音乐模式,独特的声音和声或实验性笨拙。但使用Les Femmes的最佳方法是找出自己使用此乐器的方法。
对于那些想要快速了解Interval Les Femmes的人来说,该乐器在板上有一系列预设,让您可以快速访问Les Femmes的几种可能性:声音风景,这些日子在流行音乐中大量使用的短暂变化,连续的,强烈的,亲密的和密集的声音或连续的声音或实验模式。
要了解它是如何工作的,只需更改间隔(居中字段中的粗体数字),然后查看播放音符时会发生什么。 (在引擎视图中更详细地描述)。间隔提供四个间隔时隙。您可以通过按键开关(C0ûEb0)或链模式访问这些不同的间隔,该按键模式会跳过每个按键行程的间隔。
Interval Les Femmes有两个版本。两者都包含三个亲密和脆弱的关节中的所有三个神话般的歌手。 (长,呗,呼吸)。一个版本提供自然音符长度,另一个版本提供循环播放。
对于FULL Kontakt版本4及更高版本


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